Dancers by Georgia has a new physical space, where the body and soul of the brand come to life, in a process that can now be closely monitored by customers and fans.

Located in the Lisbon neighborhood of Arroios, next to the market, on the first floor of a beauty salon, the space is divided into two areas. The first is dedicated to the showroom, where it is possible to see, touch, try on and buy the brand’s creations and also access a stock of second-hand clothing curated by the founder. The second, intended for the studio, aims to be a living showcase of the brand’s creative process and also has an upcycling service, which works by appointment.

How it works? Just make an appointment, choose your favorite second-hand clothing items from the available stock (or bring your own) and let Georgia, the designer, let your imagination run wild with a transformation idea. You can choose a model from existing creations or something completely new.

“It’s a new concept of a sewing atelier. Where traditionally there are rolls of fabric, here everything is made from second-hand clothes and people can see how everything happens. The main working materials are denim, knitwear and t-shirts” – Georgia Lacroix, designer and founder.

In addition to sewing machines and cutting tables, the atelier will also have a mini design studio, to create new pieces and photograph them, a kind of creative hub for the brand.

Atelier Upcycling / Showroom

rua Lucinda Simões 12 E, 1 andar

1900-068 Lisbon

Appointment by email: dance@dancersbygeorgia.com

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Whatsaap: +351 968463186