The idea is to recover old pieces, transforming them into new, more current models, taking into account the DNA of sDancers by Georgia – urban fashion, comfortable, trendy and sportswear.

A shirt forgotten in the back of the closet suddenly becomes a crop top and miniskirt set or an asymmetric top. With a little creativity, that t-shirt, sweatshirt or denim jacket you no longer wear can become the new statement piece in your wardrobe. Unique and timeless.

Be part of this movement, give your pieces a new life with our new service: Upcycling service.

In time of covid we will proceed via Zoom:


  1. Send us an message or an email (dance@dancersbygeorgia.com) to schedule a zoom meeting with us. You can also send photos of the pieces you want to transform.
  2. In the Zoom meeting, we agreed on the final models together (with some suggestions from us). Together we will fill the form with your measurements.
  3. By email we send the quote.
  4. With approved budget. Send us your piece (s) to transform.
  5. Upcycling done by us.
  6. We deliver the final result to the customer.
  7. Take a photo for us to keep a memory 🙂