Georgia Lacroix: Designer, artistic director
Dance, dance … Since my youngest age I have been lucky enough to be immersed in the artistic world. Very early on I knew I wanted to be a dancer, so I dedicated a lot of my life to this art, and I continue to this day. Despite everything, I kept an eye open on fashion, magazines, catwalks… The chance to be born and to have lived practically all my life in Paris, gave me access to the most beautiful boutiques and to the most conceptual designers… But this world seemed inaccessible to me and especially not at all in my program. It was only at a crossroads in my life, when you finally felt ripe, ready, that I decided to get started … 

My idea was very clear, I wanted to make clothes inspired by the Life style of the dancers and our outfits, clothes that I couldn’t find in stores, cool, urban pieces that match my lifestyle, active and urban. So I studied this world that I didn’t know and launched my brand. There is still a long way to go, and I learn about the world of fashion every day, which motivates me a lot. Despite everything, I decided from the start that I would do things my way, at my own pace, without following the dictates of fashion. Thus was born a brand of clothing for dancers but not only, clothes for all, without season, permanent collections (slow fashion), made in atelier, and sometimes made to order, we get lost or we find ourselves there but it is in my image, a free electron! I would also like to thank my team who always follow me in my ideas and allow me to make my dreams come true and give you the best possible service.