Anabela Santos: Our seamstress
Sewing started very early in my life, I was about 10 years old, my mother said I had to learn to sew, but at that time I didn’t like the idea very much.
A few years later, I realized that my mother was right and under the influence of my childhood friend we both took a professional course in industrial sewing. After that I started working in factories for women’s, men’s and children’s clothing.
Once again under the influence of another person, this time from my seamstress, I started making my clothes and also helped in the making of her clients’ clothes, and I ended up learning traditional sewing.

From taking measurements, making molds and other small things, to a wedding dress I made.
Later I started taking dance lessons, where teacher Georgia Lacroix, knowing about my connection to sewing, invited me to make the clothes of her choreographic groups, designed by her.Two years ago I received the invitation to become the official dressmaker for her brand Dancersbygeorgia, where I immediately saw a dream come true. Since then, it has been two years of a lot of struggle and determination, walking on this wonderful project. Our teamwork works very well, and I am always happy to make new creations with Georgia, we look for the best finishes together, joining our ideas to be able to create unique pieces !!