Claudia Sousa

Claudia Sousa

Claudia Sousa comes from Castelo Branco and was known for her participation in the program Love on top. She believes in karma and considers herself a woman with a strong character and a sweet heart. She loves to be up to date with trends, as she is a person who takes care of herself and his image by dressing in a modern and comfortable way. . A short time ago she accepted our challenge and photographed with our pieces. See the result;)

How do you identify your style? Relaxed, casual or sporty? A bit of the three, it depends a lot on the days and my state of mind.

What is the item of clothing or accessory that can not be missing in your closet? Underwear, I always try to combine wearing sets.

Do you practice any sport, which one ?? I practice weight training.

What kind of food do you take care of or eat everything?
I am very careful with food, fish diet.

Give us your opinion about current fashion and brands that bet on more sustainable collections? We have a very balanced current fashion, there are many flashy colors right now. Fortunately, there are already many brands betting on sustainable collections, which is a great help to protect our planet.

Can you tell us what your next projects are or is it a secret? I still don’t have anything planned, but when I do, I’ll give you the news.