Gil Batista


"Dancing is silent poetry"


Dance is part of our concept, our inspirations.
Today we want to highlight Gil Batista, a young artist / dancer, with whom we were lucky to cross paths. Discover this super talented young man that we can describe as a street poet, because Dancing is silent poetry …
Gil Batista’s Testimony:

• How it all began ?
In 2017, when my drama teacher asked for a choreography for a movement class (theater course).

• What problems did you encounter during this walk?
-the fact that I have taught myself, that I lack technique in dance, making my progress slower.

• Work done:
-Video clips- titica, deezy,
-got talent, battle of the judges, Hyundai advertising.

Do you feel comfortable with your recognition nowadays?
-An artist regardless of what he is should never be comfortable with his position or recognition, he must keep his ego. The comfort zone is the enemy of perfection and perfection is achieved with effort and not with the need to be recognized.

. Describe your dance style:
I describe my dance style as something that is felt, I like to communicate with the public through my movements to which I tell a story and try to make the most of what I feel. It has a mix of contemporary, hip-hop and a little brukup (a style created in brooklin) I feel free when presenting my style because it is without restrictions and everything I feel I can do.

. Why do you dance mainly on the street?
I do performances on the street because since I started dancing I haven’t been able to attend a dance school, so for some time now the street has been my stage and has taught me a lot. I don’t intend to forget where I came from, but whenever I can I will dance on the street and pass on all my feelings to the people who pass by.