Carla / Kammy

Carla Maximum also known as Kammy, a well-disposed, smiling and super funny, strong and very confident woman. A woman who defends her ideals and everything she believes in until the end. She is known in the dance world and for her natural talent for music. Currently she is part of a group called Putzgrilla where she is the vocalist, music is one of her passions and her style is unmistakable. Her image does not go unnoticed because her urban style is brutal, without fear of resilience she uses and abuses her image to make herself known and to know her work. With the group she has already stepped on several stages and showed her talent to hundreds of people. 

Despite the pandemic and not being able to step on the stage, she continues to work on music and her video clips, briefly with new sounds. Collaborating with us, Carla Maximum is the first to receive the personalized Angel coat with her name, it was super cool and she loved it 😊 You can see in the photos how it looked…
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