Eva Stuart

We present Eva Stuart, daughter of Wanda Stuart, a very talented 15 year old with a promising future in the music world. Eva sings and plays the piano with great maturity, her passion for music is notorious. We are delighted with his personality and undoubtedly perfectly represents the youth «Dancers by Georgia».

We asked some questions to get to know her better:

What are your musical references?
⁃ I have a very varied taste! I feel like listening to pop as much as I want to listen to jazz or 50’s music! So that’s a tough question … but lately I’ve been listening to Ariana Grande, Billie Eillish, some songs by various artists and, as we are entering the Christmas season, Michael Bubblé!

What kind of music do you like to listen to these days?
⁃ A little bit of everything! I think that all styles are very interesting in their

own way, and they touch us in a different way … But it also depends on my mood of the day!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (professionally)
I see myself already with a career, who knows worldwide, with an album with only original songs … fight for my dreams!

Can you describe your style to us? (Musical and clothing)
⁃ On a musical level, I sing everything, but I feel more comfortable in the pop / R&B style
⁃ In terms of clothing, it always depends on the occasion. On a daily basic I have a relaxed style, but always with a different touch! But if I go to a more important place, I always like to feel like a star! Because I think our self-esteem has to be always up there!