Carina Gomes

Carina Gomes: Social manager
I was born in Cascais in 1990.
As a child my dream was always to be a dancer, because I always loved to dance, I did it anywhere without shame.
When years later I had to choose a profession I decided to go to Tourism / Hospitality, as I always liked the contact with people and my first school internship I decided to venture out and go to a Dance school linked to an organization and production company of events. I remember it as if it were today, the first day I went there, it was like I had a dream come true, even though I didn’t go to learn to dance, I was in an environment that was without a doubt my own. I worked 6 years in this area and I loved it, it was my dream job, in addition to everything I learned I also acquired skills in the digital area, because it occupied me a little bit of everything. 

A friend tells me about a project related to fashion, the project of her best friend, I analyzed it, liked it and soon I offered to help, shortly afterwards I was invited by Georgia Lacroix to work with her at Dancers in the digital development part of the content creation brand etc. and of course, I accepted!
I gave myself to this project because I believe in the values ​​and ethics of the brand, I like and identify myself immensely with the style of clothing and mainly because it is a brand that wears all types of people, whether size XXS or XXL and also because of the concern and value that Georgia gives to the people who work with her. I really like this project and the people around it, and I give 100% of my time to make the brand and the Dancersbygeorgia team successful.