Andreia Sobreira: Graphic design, the creator of our logo, among others.
My story … Where to start …
Anyone who knows me, knows that I prefer to draw or dance a thousand times to write anything and even more if it is about me, ehehe but when it is a friend who asks for it, once again I leave my comfort zone, with all pleasure !!! =) Another characteristic that defines me and that explains a little bit of how I got to Dancers by Georgia. =) I love challenges and new experiences. =)
But starting at the beginning … My beginning started in other lands, beyond borders, more precisely in the Democratic Republic of Congo … Although I only remember moments, the sounds, the colors, the dance, the painting stayed with me , among so many other things. 

In Portugal, dance and painting have always followed my academic path, first ballet, then martial arts and, in parallel, porcelain and oil painting. In high school I went to the Arts area, where I could try so many other techniques and forms of expression.
When it came time to choose a profession, I chose the one that gave me the most freedom. Architecture made it possible for me to put my passions into practice, as well as to cultivate creativity and the incessant search for new adventures. Each project is a new journey (another of my great passions). =)
And you ask how all this took me to Georgia … Now, don’t forget that above, I mentioned that dance always went hand in hand with everything else that I did and in college, this was no exception. . It was in a Salsa class that I met Georgia, as a dance teacher and choreographer and since then I have been a constant fan. =)
More recently, she challenged me to participate in the creation of the graphic design of her brand Dancers by Georgia and although it is not my basic training, it has been an extraordinary learning process. It is a pleasure to be able to evolve in a project where dance, diversity and sustainability are valued. Thank you Georgia for another fantastic trip !!! 😉