About Us

Dancers by Georgia has been created to celebrate the uniqueness of those who feel a strong passion for all forms of art – from dance to literature to music and poetry.
It is a fashion brand made in Portugal for active, modern, cosmopolitan and attitude driven women and men.


Lisbon House Of Salsa

Carina Russo

Angel Rojas

Our Mission

To be the answer for those looking for clothes adjusted to urban life, female, male and unisex, with a unique design and style – clothes that transmit a strong message in line with their passion for dance and art in general.

Our Products

Our pieces are designed by Georgia Lacroix, created from scratch, many of them in an atelier, and entirely produced in Portugal. The collections have a streetwear and activewear style and include jackets, trousers, skirts, sweatshirts, tops and accessories.

Dancers by Georgia has developed 4 collections:

  • Couture collection, only to order entirely
    manufactured and designed by us in Portugal.
  • Black collection, ready-to-wear garments made of
  • Colour vibes collection, a collection designed around 4 colors and white. Entirely designed by Georgia Lacroix and made in Portugal in atelier
  • Urban collection, let your body move through city life in fine fabrics, cotton and a bit of spandex are the perfect fit.

Phone: +351 968 463 186
Email: dancer@dancersbygeorgia.com