About Us

“Dance, dance. Otherwise, we are lost ”(Pina Baush) When the dedication to dance merges with the passion for fashion in the soul of a dancer, a new world of possibilities is discovered. Dancers by Georgia is a fashion brand made in Portugal for active women and men.

Made in atelier, the pieces celebrate the uniqueness of those who feel a strong passion for all forms of art – from dance to literature, through music and poetry. The urban, street, modern, practical and inspired style of the dancers lifestyle sets the tone for each collection.

Today, Dancers by Georgia is divided into four lines: Couture Collection, Black Collection, Color Vibes Collection and, the most recent, Urban Collection. Unisex pieces, exclusive, original and versatile, designed for all types of bodies, which stand out for being handmade.

Georgia Lacroix , choreographer and dance teacher, professional and creative dancer, idealized Dancers by Georgia as a brand that combines creativity with consumer awareness. Concepts such as slow fashion and sustainability are priorities for the designer, who favors local clothing and a business of proximity.

“As a rule, we purchase raw material for a few units per model. The fabrics are purchased from manufacturers and stockists in Portugal and the pieces are made by our seamstress in our atelier in Lisbon. We don’t create pieces en masse for the sake of ethics and positioning ”- Georgia Lacroix

Colour Vibes Collection

Urban Collection

Couture Collection

Handmade clothes made in Portugal

Black Collection

Collection of products made in Portugal