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The world is changing and it is urgent for us to be part of this change. Fashion must play a crucial role in this transformation, reducing its impact on the planet. It is urgent to consume less and better. It was based on this premise that we decided to bet on circular fashion.

Dancers by Georgia today is an inclusive urban fashion brand, adapted to the modern lifestyle, for women and men who like unique pieces, made 100% with second-hand or vintage clothes, carefully picked by Georgia and transformed in our atelier.

Did you know that around 130 billion pieces of fast fashion clothing are produced each year? This way of producing is a real socio-environmental disaster! What more: according to a UN report, global clothing production doubled between 2000 and 2014 and apparel and footwear manufacturing accounts for 8% of global greenhouse gases.

Overproduction and disposable items are a thing of the past. The future passes through sustainable fashion, recycling and recovery. We wish to do our part and that’s why we stuck to upcycling.

The term upcycling is not new. It was first used in 1994 by Reiner Pilz to describe a method “where older products are valued more, not less.” Applied to fashion, it means turning unwanted materials, items, or pieces into higher-value garments and accessories.

We chose this way of producing because we believe it is the most sustainable, ecological and in line with our values ​​and creative methods. Our stylist Georgia searches, buys and collects second-hand and vintage clothing. From these pieces, she imagines new cuts, which later are transformed in the studio with our seamstress. That’s where the magic happens and together they deconstruct to rebuild a new, more up-to-date piece.

“For me, creation is a passion, a necessity. I create these recycled clothes as I create a choreography. The clothes themselves, the fabrics, the shape… it all inspires me, just as music inspires me to create a movement,..an energy.
It takes more work, it takes more imagination, sometimes we get more conditioned… but it’s so rewarding! I love fashion, I love changing my style, my look, but it was unthinkable to continue consuming big fast fashion brands. A bit like eating meat that was raised in captivity (intensive farming). I cannot continue to buy something without knowing where it comes from and how it was produced. I’m not a fundamentalist, but I take responsibility and, above all, I know that my creations must be in line with my convictions.” – Georgia Lacroix

Like all major transformations, this is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. We are still on the way to becoming a 100% sustainable brand. It is a turning point, we are in the middle of it, so we are going to drain (sell out/throw out) the stock that is still available, as it would be completely irresponsible to dispose of it.

Today, Dancers by Georgia is divided into five lines: Couture Collection, Black Collection, Color Vibes Collection, Urban Collection and the most recent Upcycling collection.  Unisex pieces, exclusive, original and versatile, designed for all types of bodies, which stand out for being handmade.

Dancers by Georgia has a new physical space, where the body and soul of the brand come to life, in a process that can now be closely monitored by customers and fans.

Located in the Lisbon neighborhood of Arroios, next to the market, on the first floor of a beauty salon, the space is divided into two areas. The first is dedicated to the showroom, where it is possible to see, touch, try on and buy the brand’s creations and also access a stock of second-hand clothing curated by the founder. The second, intended for the studio, aims to be a living showcase of the brand’s creative process and also has an upcycling service, which works by appointment.

How it works? Just make an appointment, choose your favorite second-hand clothing items from the available stock (or bring your own) and let Georgia, the designer, let your imagination run wild with a transformation idea. You can choose a model from existing creations or something completely new.

“It’s a new concept of a sewing atelier. Where traditionally there are rolls of fabric, here everything is made from second-hand clothes and people can see how everything happens. The main working materials are denim, knitwear and t-shirts” – Georgia Lacroix, designer and founder.

In addition to sewing machines and cutting tables, the atelier will also have a mini design studio, to create new pieces and photograph them, a kind of creative hub for the brand.

Atelier Upcycling / Showroom

rua Lucinda Simões 12 E, 1 andar

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